Wednesday, February 4, 2015

"Would It Matter"

Hi guys! I feel like it's been a really long while since I last wrote a "deep" post on here, and I felt like writing one now.

I was just listening to the song "Would It Matter" by Skillet this afternoon, and that song made me think a lot, for that reason, it's a great song to write about today.
I haven't listened to many songs by this band, this is one of the few songs I've listened by them; however, I like everything I've listened to by them so far. I just need time to listen to them closely. 

The first time I've listened to this song was only like thirteen minutes ago, but this song has really got me. It's a very emotional song, and the instrumental actually fits the lyrics, so it's a great combination of both things. 

I don't know about you guys, but I have asked myself so many of the questions in the song; that's why (I think) I liked the song that much and I felt connection with it. 

"If I wasn't here tomorrow, would anybody care?", honestly, I've asked myself that question a lot of times. Also I dare to say that probably you've asked yourself that. I hope not, but a lot of people ask themselves that question, or that's what I think. 

I do ask myself that a lot, if people would care if I was just gone, if someone would lose sleep, as the song says, if someone would care if I left... it's kind of a sad question, because if you ask yourself that, it means you're not very sure if there's someone out there who truly cares about you. There truly is; but, what's sad is to think that, to think that you don't matter to anyone, that there's not anyone who even cares about you. That thought really feels awful, but it's not true though. 

The song also talks about changing, and just wondering if that would matter. I ask myself 
that a lot, and getting another chance... just starting again, wanting to be a different person, losing chances... I really relate to that; when I first listened to the song the lyrics truly spoke to me in a very deep level. I like sad songs, because it feels good to have something to relate to. 

Below you can listen to the song and let me know your thoughts of it in the comments if you want to:

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