Sunday, February 22, 2015

10 Cool Full Band Covers You Must Watch!

Hi everyone! Today, as I do every month, I'll be sharing with you 10 covers of some sort with you. This time I've chosen to share with you full band covers of some alternative/punk/rock songs that I found pretty good in my opinion. In some of the covers, the people playing aren't officially in a band, they just came together for the cover, however, some of them are made by bands which are together. 

1. In Loving Memory - Drown (originally by Bring Me The Horizon):

2. Ricky Ficarelli, DMF & Jose - Stomach Tied In Knots  (originally by Sleeping With Sirens): 

3. Aturn3d (feat. James Derse) - Animal I Have Become (originally by Three Days Grace):

4. Ryan Clouse, Jayme and Jason Lewis and Tim Boone - My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (originally by Fall Out Boy):

5. Mikey Saenz, Kurt Borutski and Pierre-Luc Brodeur - Adam's Song (originally by Blink-182):

6. AraMusic - Iridescent (originally by Linkin Park): 

7. At Sunset - Perfect (originally by Simple Plan):

8. Adalie - Until The Day I Die (originally by Story Of The Year):

9. Misprinted Lines - Dial Tones (originally by As It Is):

10. 2 Foot Moose - The River (originally by Good Charlotte):

Here they are guys! Let me know your thoughts of these covers, and if you know any other full band covers that I might enjoy, feel free to share them with me, I accept requests :) Also in this YouTube playlist you can find these and more full band covers, in case you want to hear more: I hope y'all have a nice day! 

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