Sunday, March 1, 2015

Self Harm Awareness Day

Hello guys! As some of you might know, today it's Self Harm Awareness Day, and that's what I'm talking about on here. 

Although lately I've been talking about deep stuff like this one in this blog I created a few months ago: You're Here For Something, this time I decided to write this on here (maybe in that blog as well, I don't know), because since this is like my main blog, more people read this one so I hope to reach more people here. 

Self harm is definitely a topic which contains a lot of stigma and people usually misunderstood it, that's why I'm writing this. 

I've written about this a lot of times before, but still they aren't enough times, because I still listen the same comments from people, the same wrong thoughts. I apologize if I've said the same before, but I don't think I should. I won't stop repeating this until people stop judging self harm and saying the things I hear. 

I know enough about this topic, more than I wish I knew, but I know what I'm saying isn't false. 

Can you just stop considering it's for attention? You know, maybe it is for some people. But it's not the way you think it is. I wouldn't call it "attention seeking". I consider that a mistake. In some cases it's a cry for help. If they're asking for help it's because they need it. And the last thing you should do is not to give that person that help. 

If self harm was "for attention", as you consider it, they wouldn't hide it, and they do. However, even if you can see their cuts, scars, whatever, that's not because they're seeking for attention either. There are some scars that never fade, and nobody should be ashamed of their scars. Honestly, when I see someone with self harm scars, first of all I feel very sorry for them because I believe nobody deserves that; secondly, I hope they haven't done that again; and thirdly, I think that they're really awesome for having the strength of not hiding it, or whatever it's called. 

Self harm is a battle, and the scars are battle scars. It's a hard battle, and everyone who's won it should feel proud of themselves for that. And if you're battling it you should feel proud of yourself for being here and still fighting.

Also, if someone tells you they're self harming, you should take it seriously, because they're trusting you and asking you for your help. Just... if you're not going to help them, don't make it worse either. 

Not everyone can understand self harm, and that's normal. You shouldn't feel bad for not understanding, however, please don't judge it. Don't judge what you can't understand. It won't help anyone. 

Self harm is a very serious issue, and people suffering from it deserve help. 

Let's stop the silence among self harm; people don't deserve to suffer in silence. Speak up, stop the silence. There's people who care about you and who're willing to help you. 

I've said this before and I'll say it again: I'm no therapist, but I promise to listen and try my best to help. I won't judge you, I understand. 

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