Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"Kids In The Dark"

Hi everyone! Yesterday, the pop punk band All Time Low released a music video for their new single called "Kids In The Dark", from their upcoming album 'Future Hearts'!

Have you guys given it a listen? If so, what you think of it? I loved the song! I personally preferred this song than "Something's Gotta Give". 

The lyrics have such an amazing meaning which transmits good vibes and hope for those "kids in the dark". Sometimes the world, everyone, leave you alone and it feels like they leave you in order for you to fail, however, the most awesome thing you can do is to prove them wrong, right? The kids in the dark never surrender, as All Time Low says! 

On the other hand, the music is very catchy, and it really makes you want to jump and dance, besides the good feeling it transmits! 

And, to finish with, the video is pretty rad, I think it shows the spirit of the song, and also what All Time Low's music is usually like. Definitely, this album seems like it's going to be a great one, can't wait to hear more! What about you? Let me know below in the comments :)

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