Saturday, March 28, 2015

News that'll light up your day!

Good afternoon guys! Today, I have amazing news to share with y'all ^-^ 

To begin with, the pop punk band from Baltimore, All Time Low, released today a new single off their new album 'Future Hearts', with a very special guest: Mark Hoppus from one of the bands which are considered to be founders of pop punk, blink-182! 

The single is called: 'Tidal Waves', and, as I said, it features Mark Hoppus in the vocals, ain't it great? It's amazing that All Time Low have been looking up to blink-182 and now they've got to sing a song with their lead singer, and the result is more than amazing ;) 

Besides, I have just taken a look to the tracklist of the album, and, I really can't wait for April 7th! The album also has a song featuring Joel Madden from other band which has been very popular in the pop punk industry, especially their first albums, Good Charlotte! The album gets better at each song they release, can't wait to listen to it completely! 

Below you can listen to the song 'Tidal Waves' so you can share with me your thoughts of it! 

To continue with, the youtubers which will be in this year's Warped Tour have already been announced, and the youtubers that you'll find there will be: Austin Jones, BryanStars, Damon Fizzy, Johnie Guilbert and Jordan Sweeto! Do you know about them! I know them all, and I'm very happy to know they'll be on this year's  Warped Tour :) 

If you haven't seen none of their videos, check them out on youtube, the search is worth it, I promise! 

To finish with, today, a few minutes ago, the Canadian singer Janick Thibault, from the pop punk band Amasic, has released an acoustic cover of the song 'Kids In The Dark' (originally by All Time Low). 

You should give it a try, because you won't be disappointed. Actually, the cover is really beautiful, but I aware you that you might end up crying (the cover got me crying, honestly). 

However, I consider that a good thing; acoustic covers of that song fit it too well, and Janick's voice suits the song amazingly! Go check it out and let me know what you think ot it ;)

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