Friday, August 21, 2015

10 Vocal Covers You Must Watch | P.2

Hi guys!

Today, as I do every month, I'm sharing with you 10 covers of some kind with you. This time, it's the turn of vocal covers. I don't know about you, but I find vocal covers pretty cool in the way that it's the exact same song but with a different voice, and I don't know, I find joy in it. So, here you are 10 vocal covers you must watch! 

1. Redeem/Revive - Machines (originally by Crown The Empire):

2. Eric Suarez - Legacy (originally by Memphis May Fire):

3. Rob Marconi - Diary Of Jane (originally by Breaking Benjamin):

4. Jared Dines & Austin Dickey - The Lines (originally by Beartooth):

5. Gabriel Scaldaferri - Caraphernelia (originally by Pierce The Veil):

6. Gravediggers - Murder Mitten (originally by I See Stars):

7. Roma Acorn - Emotionless (originally by Good Charlotte): 

8. Riccardo Polidoro - Stop And Stare (originally by OneRepublic):

9. Alexander Di Dio - Bite My Tongue (originally by You Me At Six feat. Oli Sykes):

10. Nicky Paul - Broken Generation (originally by Of Mice & Men):

So, this is it guys! Let me know your thoughts of the covers in the comments below, and if you have any requests, let me know as well :) Here you can watch the whole youtube playlist of vocal covers I made! Hope you enjoyed this, have a nice day/night ^-^

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