Friday, September 11, 2015

"Hold On"

Hello everyone! 

Today I'm in a such emotional mood, so all I can write is emotional stuff. It's probably going to get a bit personal and emotional as well, but that's what happens when it's late at night and you listen to sad music, I guess. 

I've been trying to write this post for weeks, let's hope I get to make it today. 

The song I was listening to is called "Hold On", by Good Charlotte. While I was listening to it, I took a look at the date, and it came to my mind that it's just been a year since I first listened to that song (well, some days more than a year, but, whatever). You might be wondering, how do you remember? I exactly remember that day and everything that happened. Actually it was a normal day, just saying. But it's when I first listened to Good Charlotte. I was feeling really down that night, and I decided to check GC out, since I had heard about them by some people and also in a Simple Plan's album they were mentioned. I checked some songs out, and they were pretty cool to me, so I kept listening to more and more songs, until I saw "Hold On" in the suggestions box. The title caught my eye so I listened to it. All I could think of was: "how do you know?". I didn't know why or how, all I knew was that that song was what I really needed to listen to in that moment, those were the words I needed to hear. I felt understood, I felt like they knew me, even when they didn't.

Some people don't believe in the real effect music can have, but I do. I have to believe in it since music has had and still has a huge effect in me. 

I've listened to plenty of songs with a very similar meaning that this one, however, there's something that makes "Hold On" different than them. I don't know, there's something about this song that makes it unique. 

Whenever I feel down and listen to it it's like... like I can believe them. Somehow not only they're transmitting something, but also they're making you feel the exact thing. You can tell that they mean what they say, that they truly understand all they're talking about. 

They're not saying "hold on" because it's trendy to say so. Anyway, it's trendy now, it wasn't that trendy back in 2002 when the song was released. They're giving a clear message of hope because they know what it feels like. 

I've watched and read some interviews about the song, because I wanted to know why they wrote the song. Joel Madden (lead singer of the band) said that the song is a reponse to all the fans that have told them they're struggling or written them letters. Billy Martin (lead guitarist of the band) said that they couldn't answer all those letters so the song was like a huge "thank you" letter for them. 

The song brings up a not-very-talked-about topic - suicide. Not only suicide itself, but its effects to the people around the ones that commit suicide. With the song they're telling those struggling that things do get better and we all go through similar stuff, but it gets better. 

"I don't think, you know, we could have written this songs if we hadn't been there ourselves (...). I know there were those times in my life that I came dangerously close to making some really bad decisions." 

Benji Madden (back-up vocalist and guitarist of the band) says these words, showing that they were really talking from experience when they wrote this song. Also, Joel's words go following that same line:

"We care about all those kids, and it hurts us when they end things because it does get better. I'm living proof."

I think I could go ahead and write thousands of words about this song, because the feelings behind it, what it transmits, what it makes you feel like... it's beyond what I could even explain. For me, personally, it's a very important song in my life and it actually made me realize the power only a song, only 4' 52'' of music could have. It's such a wonderful feeling. The song's helped me when nothing or no one else could, so, thank you, Good Charlotte. 

I've just realized I haven't talked about the music video itself, but I think that it's better that you check that out by yourselves... I can barely watch it without bursting into tears to be honest. 

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