Friday, September 11, 2015

'That's The Spirit' out now!

Hey guys! 

Today, 11th September, the post-hardcore/rock band "Bring Me The Horizon" has just released their brand new album 'That's the Spirit'. This album shows a clear change in the direction of this band's music style. 

In their previous albums, the band followed a metalcore/post-hardcore style. However, in this one, the album follows a rock/alternative direction. Is this better? Is this worse? What does the audience think of this change? 

We can find both opinions - people who don't like it, and people who do like it. 

All bands evolve, and if a band stays the same way forever, it's probably convicted to disappear. All bands change over the years, that's a fact. Some do it in a more noticeable way, and others in a way more progressive. Change doesn't always have to be bad. 

In my opinion, I like this new direction they're taking, and I'm enjoying the album no matter that it's softer than usual. What about you? What do you think about 'That's The Spirit'? 

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