Friday, September 25, 2015

Matt McCormack leaving Amasic

Hey everyone! 

Today I'm here with some news from the band Amasic. They've recently announced that their bass player, Matt McCormack has made the decision of leaving the band. Okay, before you all think what people usually think when someone leaves a band, I want to clarify that he hasn't left for any fight or something like that - just in case you thought so. 

He's made that decision because he's studying in college and he's decided to focus on that. This is the message he posted: 

To all Amasic fans, 
As you may have heard, I have left the band. Last year, in the fall of 2014, I began my first semester studying music in college. After completing my first year, I've decided to pursue my studies more seriously and am expecting to spend at least 7 more years in school. OF course the time came for me to make a decision concerning my role in Amasic. Realistically I had to admit that any touring would be impossible for me. Having accepted this, I've decided that I am no longer the best fit for Amasic and that Janick, Jessy and Mehdi deserve someone who can commit themselves to the band and put into it as much heart and soul as they do. 
I'd like to thank the guys for helping me learn so much about the industry and wishing me luck with my own career. Thank you all for the love and support I've received through the last couple of years. I'll be around at their shows every now and then so if you see me, feel free to come say hello!
I wish Amasic the best of luck. I'm sure my replacemente will be great and do more than just get the job done.
It's been a goot! See you guys in the music scene.
Thank you,

So this is the letter from Matt. As a fan, all I can say is that you're an amazing bass player and that I wish you, Matt, the best of the luck wherever your path leads you to. Here you have a thankful fan, keep it up man! 

Also, besides that, Amasic is looking for a bass player! You must be: 
- From the Montreal area. 
- Aged between 18 and 22.
- Able to sing backup vocals. 
- Able to practice at least twice a week. 
- Bilingual. 
- Serious. 
- Awesome and hairy (optional).

Those are the conditions in case you're interested, you can contact find the rest things to do here. If you're not interested or can't try for any reason, anyway, don't forget to share so more people hear about it and Amasic can get a new bass player soon! Also, good luck guys finding a new bass player and whatever's next :) 

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