Saturday, October 10, 2015

'Black Lines'

Hey everyone! After two years of waiting to have a new album by them, 'Black Lines', the 5th studio album by the band Mayday Parade is finally out!

We had already had the chance of listening to three songs off the album: "Keep In Mind, Transformigation Is A New Technology", "One Of Them Will Destroy The Other" and "Letting Go", songs which gave us the possibility of having an idea of what the album would be like. 

As some fans have called it, the album could be considered a "throwback to the pop-punk style they had in A Lesson in Romantics". For that reason, more than call it a brand new sound, actually it's more accurate to refer to it as an album with their old sound. However, that doesn't mean the album is bad or anything - in my view their old sound is great and probably the reason why it's having a very good reponse from fans up to date. 

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