Saturday, October 31, 2015


Hello guys! Happy Halloween ^-^ 

Today, I was going to do a "10 covers", and it was the turn of one-man covers, but then a good idea came to my mind. 5 covers of the song 'This Is Halloween' which are very cool definitely looked like a nice idea - and is also chaning a bit could be cool. 

1. To begin with, the lead singer of As It Is brings us a very cool Screamo version of the song!

2. Secondly, we have a very frightening metal version by Jonathan Young featuring Travis Carte that will make you freeze - but that you'll really enjoy:

3. Eva's Reason, is also bringing us a rock version of the song, mixing many different voices with different styles, which make this rock cover amazing: 

4. Who said metal covers needed screaming to be amazing? Pellek shows us how they aren't needed always, with his cover of the song: 

5. Last, but not least, we have Real Chanty with this great cover of the song! 

I hope you guys enjoyed these covers! What are you doing this Halloween? And what are you dressing up as? ;)

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