Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day

Hey there! How are you doing? 

As you know, today is Valentine's Day. So, let's celebrate it! And, what's the best way of celebrating something? Exactly, with some music. 

For that reason, I'm sharing with you 5 pop-punk/alternative/rock songs about love that you could dedicate to someone you love or you could just play in the background while you're on a date (?) I don't know, you decide the use you give the songs!

Do you want to show the person you love that you want to be with them always? Well, blink-182 has the answer! Behind the pop-punk vibe of these guys, here they are showing us their sweetest side:

Love is forever? That's what they say, don't they? Well, the guys from Sleeping With Sirens ask for a "forever" from the person they love. What about you?

Now coming back to a pop-punk style very common from Simple Plan, we have this single that you might think starts as a ballad, but it definitely isn't so! If your partner and you don't like quiet songs, but want to keep the love topic blast this song and sing along: 

Coming back to a quieter beat, we have Boys Like Girls, who brings us a very romantic track to dedicate to the one you're in love with, in case you're a romantic that prefers to sing quiet and classic-kind-of love songs:

Last, but not least, we have Yellowcard, with this classic that never gets old, where we find again a pop-punk vibe that still keeps the topic we're talking about but makes you want to jump and sing along!

What are you doing/did you do today? If you don't have anyone to share these songs with, don't worry, we can't enjoy them together ;)

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