Thursday, February 11, 2016


Hi guys! What's up?

A few days ago, the metal band Bullet For My Valentine released the official music video for their single Worthless, off their latest album, Venom. Even though most people are talking about how Matt Tuck (the band's singer) has changed his hair style back to how it was some years ago, let's talk about music! This isn't a fashion blog anyway, right? 

Following the line of the whole album Venom, this song has a similar meaning, expressing feelings of anger, being tired of giving second changed which are in vain, being hurt and let down by people or a certain person. There's a moment when you can't take it anymore and you decide to break away from that person and no matter how much they say they're sorry - it's already too late. Sometimes, you don't want to be hurt again and you just can't give any more chances. As the song says: 

"You can keep all your apologies, those words are worthless to me, and I don't wanna hear that you're sorry"

Because, there's a point you pass from which there's no return, and after that happens, you don't want any apologies. You just want that person/group of people away from you.

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