Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Damon Fizzy

Hello everybody!

After (literally) ages, I decided that it'd be a good moment to talk about YouTubers, about a certain YouTuber actually. Today I'm talking about Damon Fizzy.

I decided to talk about him because some days ago I read some tweets Damon had written, and I gave them some depth thinking. He talked about the reasons why he hasn't been posting videos for a really long while. 

I'm happy that he seems to be making videos again, but I'm not happy because I enjoy his videos - of course I do, don't give me to wrong, but this isn't about that. 

I'm happy that he's making videos again because that means (hopefully) he's getting better, that means he's feeling more energy to do the things he loves. 

Damon has always made videos trying to give a hand to people having a hard time, he created the Fizzy Family, a community for people there for one another. Damon is one of those people who have tried to help other people even when he couldn't help himself. That shows what kind of a person he is. 

Damon, you have created something especial, you have a lot of people supporting you (myself included), and you can get through anything coming on your way. You're a great example of overcoming difficulties.  

I'm so looking forward to watching new videos from you, stay strong and keep up hope, we all love you, Damon.

As you said; 
"I don't even know you, and I love you. I don't even know you and I care about you. (...) 
See the bright side of thing, know that life gets better."

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