Saturday, July 2, 2016

Outstanding releases!

Hey dearest readers! 

The end of last month (and the beginning of this one) have brought us some great releases, let's talk about some of the most outstanding ones! 

The post-hardcore band Of Mice & Men has surprised us (and frightened us with the video) releasing a brand new single for their song Pain, the first song we get to listen from their upcoming new album, Cold World, which will be out September 9th. The change in their sound, becoming more Hardcore than their last records, has surprised the audience - in a good or bad way? We'll get to see that!

We get a little softer, because this year pop punk's definitely in a come-back. Many bands have proved that so far, and the next to add up is Taking Back Sunday, that released a brand new song called Tidal Wave, so 00's-sound-alike. Are we back in the 00's? I definitely hope so!

I talking about pop punk coming back to life, wasn't I? Knowing that blink-182, Taking Back Sunday, Good Charlote, Simple Plan... are captivating us with a 00's sound, which band is missing? Sum 41 won't fall behind, and they're joining the come-back, with the release of a brand new song called Fake My Own Death. It was time, right? 

Last, but not least, we'll push aside the 00's for a while, and we'll go back to 2016, because the rock band I Prevail also has something new for us! They've just released a brand new single, Scars, and its music video... which leads us wondering - do we know ourselves? 

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