Thursday, July 28, 2016


Let's talk about music! 

Today I'm talking about the song Suffer, by the post-hardcore band Get Scared. I chose it because I was just listening to it and thought: "hey, it might be cool to talk about it", so here I am. 

This song's about revenge. It's about when someone hurts you so badly and you want them to feel the same way you've been feeling all along. You know getting revenge isn't the right thing, but deep inside of you all you want is that person to feel like you have. 

It's like saying: "you see it, right? This is what you've done"

Maybe that person has hurt you physically, emotionally, even both. The damage that person has caused you, it can't be repared. You can't turn back time and pretend nothing happened. 

"How will I last from all the hell in my past?"
"So many moments that I can't erase"

You're suffering the consequences of what that person has done to you - you wish they knew how it actually feels like. 

The expressivity in this track is really strong, mixing screams of desperation with clean vocals that express anger. In addition, the message it transmits hits hard as well. 

I want to clarify that I am totally against of revenge as a way of solving any kind of conflicts, as I am also against of any kind of violence. However, I find this song comforting, in a way that it helps let go of all the anger and pain some situations with certain people can bring you.

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