Sunday, February 23, 2014

Alexander William Gaskarth

Alexander William Gaskarth (Alex Gaskarth). You have probably heard about him. He is the lead singer of a pop-punk band called "All Time Low". All Time Low is amazing and I will probably talk about the whole band later, but here, I'm going to talk about him. 

I always say he is a role model, and such an inspiration. And I don't say it without reason. 

Alex lost his brother Tom to suicide when he was just 12 years old. Besides, he also suffers from panic attacks and anxiety. He could have decided to give up, but he didn't. He decided to fight and succed. He is an amazing example of being strong and he does deserve being famous and successful. 

And, if that wasn't enough, he is great with his fans and a really wise man. His music has saved a lot of lives, and he says that when people tell him that his music has helped them through certain situations he says it 'means the fucking world to him' and also he thanks for that.

He is really funny and talented. He plays the guitar and sings awesomely. Also he is songwriter. 

For me, is one of the strongest persons I know, and I could keep on saying about how amazing he is, but, I think it's enough for now. 

Below you can see a picture of some quotes of him:

Just if you can't read clearly the quotes, I'm writing them here:
(I start in the left at the top of the picture)

*First picture: "Everybody goes through some bullshit, it doesn't matter how you measure it, it doesn't matter how it weights up to someone else's bullshit..."

*Second picture: "Be your own kind of beautiful, it's super important. Take that to heart, always be yourself"

*Third picture: "You guys are all fucking georgeous you know that right? Inside and out"

*Fourth picture: "Be who you aew no matter what. I swear to God you are the most fucking beautiful people"

*Fifth picture: "This next song goes out to anybody who's ever been told that the way they think or the way they feel is the wrong way to think or the wrong way to feel"

*Sixth picture: "If you do what you believe in and you live the way you want to live you will be the happiest person you can possibly be"

*Seventh picture: "Do not let any motherfucker tell you that you aren't beautiful"

*Eighth picture: "I think people should be able to love whoever the fuck they want to love"

*Ninth picute: "... the fact of the matter is you have to press on, you have to smile and you have to figure out how to keep trucking"

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