Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Warped Tour '14

Well, in this first post I'm going to talk about Warped Tour. This year, there are a lot of people complaining because the bands this year aren't very known some of them. In my opinion, the best thing is check those bands out, because I've checked some of them and they were pretty good in my opinion. 
I don't live near enough to go to Warped Tour, but I surely would go if I did. And, who knows? Maybe checking all the bands out you discover an amazing band that you fall in love with. Just give them a try :) 
Here, to finish the post, I will show you a song of one of those bands. Well, they have played more times in Warped Tour anyway. But, I first checked them out because they were in the list of bands in Warped Tour this year, and they are pretty good: The Story So Far. And this is their song "Empty Space"

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