Thursday, February 20, 2014


This band I'm going to talk about is called "Amasic". 
(The name comes from the words Amazing + Music together) 
They are not very well known over the world, but they do deserve a try! They are a pop-rock/pop-punk band from Montreal, Canada. The band was formed last year, but everything did start before. 
Janick Thibault (lead singer and second guitarist of the band), had created a one-man band called "Amasic", where he did everything (vocals, guitar, bass, drums & lyrics). He started using the website YouTube to upload covers of some songs and later original songs. He got a lot of views in YouTube, and attrached the attention of some well-known bands such as Simple Plan (Pierre Bouvier & Chuck Comeau co-wrote a song with Amasic). 
But he couldn't play live alone, so he started searching for a band. And he did. His old friend Jessy Bergy (lead guitar) had a band with Mehdi Zidani (the drummer), and they needed a singer. So that, Janick joined and also found in YouTube Matt McCormack (the bassist), then the band was finally completed. 
Amasic released one single (as a band) last year called "Another Night", and is working on an EP which will be released so soon, they have said it is finished, and the song co-written with 2 members of Simple Plan will be on it! 
I do recommend you to check them out, they are awesome and you won't regret it. Also the original songs by Janick Thibault in Amasic as a one-man band are really good ones, really meaninful and with great rhythms. If you're going to check them out, the songs you should never miss are: "Breaking Apart", "Turn the Page", "Another Night", "For You & Me" and "Lying is the Solution". 
Below you can listen to their single "Another Night":

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