Friday, January 23, 2015

"Go Go Go" and more!

Hi everyone! I'm here to bring you some news and stuff that I think you'll be intesered in! 

First of all, today, the post-hardcore/pop-punk band 'Sleeping With Sirens' has released a new video for their next single from their new album! With it, they've revealed the name of the album: "Madness", and the release date, which is 03.17.15. The new single is called "Go Go Go", and it's sick! 

As the band releases more songs from it, the better the album seems to be. I'm loving this "change" of style in this band, and I even dare to say this album is going to be some of the best stuff by SWS so far! Did you listen to the song and watch the video? If so, which are your thoughts of it? 

Below you can listen to the song and watch the video: 

Second, it's time to talk about Warped Tour '15. In this week's announcement, it has been anounced that the post-hardcore band 'Our Last Night' will be playing this year's Warped Tour! 

I'm really happy to know that, because, first of all, they deserve it, and second, it's an amazing band and, so far, it seems like the bands this year are all amazing. 

Below you can watch the video of the announcement of them playing Warped Tour:

Also, for subscribers of the YouTube channel 'My Digital Escape', there's news for ya! Well, you probably know it, but I'll share it in case you missed it for some reason! 

The youtuber Jeydon Wale has joined the channel and will be uploading videos on Wednesdays! I didn't know about him until I saw the video of 'My Digital Escape', but I enjoyed it a lot, he's a great adition for the channel.

Below you can check out his first video of the channel: 

And, to finish, the drummer Ricky Ficarelli, who I talked about a few posts, uploaded early this week a cover done with TeraBite of All Time Low's last single "Something's Gotta Give". 

It's a very catchy and well done cover, with a great instrumental and great vocals as well! I personally loved it, what about you guys? 

Below you can watch the cover: 

So this is it guys! I hope you liked this post, and you're interested in the news I shared with you! If you'd like me to talk about something specific in the next post, let me know it :) Thanks for reading!

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