Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ricky Ficarelli

Hello everyone! I've decided to talk about an artist today, called Ricky Ficarelli. He's a drummer from Wellington, Florida. 

Ricky was born the 24th July of 1993, and has been in the drumming industry since he was 16. I don't actually know much about this life and stuff, but I guess that since this blog is mostly about music that's what you want to hear about!

I discovered him on YouTube, after watching a collab he did with Janick Thibault from Amasic, but mostly I got into watching his videos because of the band he used to be in: King The Kid. I loved his drumming, and I decided to check out the videos he posts on YouTube. I'm really glad I did so, because he's one of the best drummers I've seen on YouTube so far. And I've seen a lot, because I personally enjoy watching drum covers and all that stuff a lot. 

Not only that, he's pretty good at singing as well! There's something I really love about watching his videos, it's that you can see how much he enjoys drumming, and seeing people do what they love and seeing them doing it so amazingly is something that I really enjoy myself. He also makes drum covers of songs of different genres of music and collabs with other artists, which makes the channel more interesting!

If you like watching drum covers, or you basically like stuff related to drumming, you definitely should check out his YouTube channel! I'm posting below one of this drum covers, one of my favorite ones, for you to check it out and also let me know what you think below in the comments: 

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