Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hey! Today, I'm going to talk about the song "Fate" by the rock band Our Last Night, from their album "Age Of Ignorance". 
As the title of the song says by itself, the song is about the fate. Basically, the song is like wondering if there is really a fate, a destiny written for us, or if we can change that, if we can create our own fate. It's a very good fact actually, because I think that that is a question a lot of us have ever wondered. If we're meant to be something especifically, if we're meant to do certain thing, if we're meant to meet some person. Destiny, fate... I personally think about those things a lot. And, I don't really agree with that idea. Although sometimes I've actually believed in that, the idea of the fate kind of scares me. I don't like that idea, I believe that we can change our own fate, our own destiny. Why do I think that? Because if that was actually true nothing would make sense. It's like, "okay if I can't change my fate, tell me which is it so I don't have to make any effort the". So, I don't want to believe in that, I believe that you are the one who can decide how your fate will be, your decisions are the ones that will mark your future. Your future will depend in what you do, your choices will make you who you are and where you are. Maybe I'm wrong and we can't choose our fate or anything, but if that's true, I don't find life any sense. If we can't change our fate, then, why am I doing what I do? Why do I even try? 
I think that we'll probably never get the answer for that, that we'll never know if we can "choose to play a different role", we can't find the answer for those questions, but I think that, meanwhile we don't know, the best thing we can do is actually try to play a different role, the role that we want to, try our best and find our place here. Because, if what I think is true, we can't change where we're from, but we can decide where we're going. 
Below you can check out the awesome song (you won't regret it): 

And, if you want to, you can also check out the acoustic performance of the song, which is pretty good too:

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