Friday, July 11, 2014

Respecting other people's hobbies

Okay, I don't really know how to write this post, but here we go. A long time ago I wrote a post about respect among fandoms, and now I have decided to write about respect, about others' hobbies, also music related too. 
The reason that I'm writing this post is because I saw something on the internet that showed everything but respect towards some bands, and I decided to give my opinion about this kind of things.
Every person has their hobbies, the things they love to do, what they enjoy, whatever, their escape from reality. Every person has their own story, the things they have gone through, things that you probably don't even imagine. And, when life gets hard, you look for an escape, you look for something to distract you, hopefully something healthy. You find things you enjoy, things that make you happy, and they make you forget everything. 
Other times, you just enjoy that, and you do it because you enjoy it, not because you need to escape, that just makes you happy. You don't need an escape, but doing that makes you feel good, and you're not hurting anyone, you're not hurting yourself, you're just being happy. Every human being deserves to be happy, right? 
If someone loves football, amazing. If someone loves basketball, amazing. If someone loves drawing, amazing. If someone loves painting, amazing. If someone loves vlogging, amazing. If someone loves reading, amazing. If someone loves writing, amazing. If someone loves listening to music, amazing. If someone loves playing an instrument, amazing. If someone loves dancing, amazing. If someone loves singing, amazing. 
It's what they enjoy doing, whatever it is, makes them happy. Maybe they "obsess" over something they love, but they do that BECAUSE THAT MAKES THEM HAPPY. They're not hurting anyone with that, and, they, we, deserve respect. Because you might not understand why someone loves something so much, but you have no right to make fun of it, to judge that. 
I have seen a lot, that, when a guy or girl loves music and bands or artists so much they really get critiziced. They're labelled as: crazy, obsessed, insane, exaggerated, stupid, and much more. And, I find it pretty hypocritical. Because, when it comes to other things, this doesn't usually happen. But, whatever, I think that when someone loves something, even sometimes more than themselves, there is usually a great reason behind that, and you cannot judge it unless you know the whole story behind that. It's not hard to just respect other people and the things they love to do meanwhile it doesn't hurt you :) Think about that! Hope you have a nice day/night :)

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