Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Welcome To My Life"

Hello there everybody! Today, I decided to talk about the song "Welcome to my Life", by the pop punk band Simple Plan. I listen to that song everyday, and I feel like it's a really good song to talk about. 
I don't really know the meaning Simple Plan gives to the song, or why they wrote it, but I'm going to talk about how it makes me feel and about what I think the song's about. Well, I wouldn't call it "think", because actually a song can mean anything to anyone, that's what makes music that beautiful. So, here we go, this is what this song means to me:
This song is about feeling misunderstood, lost, alone... and no one being there for you when you need it the most. It's about that moment when you're falling apart inside of you, and the whole world seems to be against you, lying you, making you feel even worse. I think that this is actually one of the most relatable songs I have ever had the pleasure of listening to in my entire life. 
Actually, when I first heard this song I instantly connected with it, and it was the first time that such thing happened to me, and it was like... "magical". And, since then, when I'm feeling down or whatever, I listen to this song. Why? Because although it's a sad song, when I listen to it I feel like I'm not alone. I'm the kind of person who everyone thinks is a happy person, and has no problems. I remember that, once,  someone from my class said to me: "you're all the time laughing and smiling, how do you do it?" And, I couldn't help laughing, because I found out really funny. It was true, when I'm with people, most of the time I'm laughing and smiling. But that doesn't mean I've never been hurt, that I've never felt lost, that I've never locked myself in my room just trying to escape from everyone around me, that I've never been let down. So, I really relate to the part of the song that says: "you might think I'm happy, but I'm not gonna be okay", that part is like my whole life in a quote. That one isn't the one I relate to, I relate to the whole song, but that one is the most accurate for me. Even though other quotes of the song, like: "no, you don't know what it's like to be like me", that one is pretty accurate too. And I'd like to talk about it too, because, why not? Some people have told me things such as: "I'd like to be like you", or "I wish I was you", and my answer one of those times was, literally: "No, you don't". It seems like the wrong answer to that question, but it isn't. They probably meant to say they wanted to be the person they saw that was me. But, I'm not that person. I am, but I'm not at the same time. It sounds nonsense but it makes sense. Yes, I might smile and laugh everyday when I'm with people, I do that. Yes, I have great marks, and don't actually study much. Yes, my life seems completely perfect, and it's supposed to be perfect. But, I'm just too good at pretending sometimes. Being "me" is not that good as it seems, actually being me is harder than they can even imagine. I break down too, I fall apart and feel hopeless too. When I feel like that, I turn my music on; I hold onto music, songs like this one make me feel like I'm not alone and that someone out there understands me. I guess that that's why I love it so much. For me the song is everything I wish I could say in 3 minutes 43 seconds. 
So this is the song for me, and I'd like to know that the song is for you, let me know in the comments if you want to :)
Finally, below you can give the song a listen in case you have never listened to it or you want to listen to it again:


  1. I felt the same experience too when I first heard this song! :) I was around ten, and although my English wasn't that great, there is something about this song that just "clicked" with me. Hahaha I'm glad I found someone with the same similarity! :D

    1. Same here! The song connects with so many people, and I think it's one of the best things about this band, they connect with so many people! You're right, there's something about the song that "clicks" you ^-^