Monday, December 1, 2014

Drow Kid

Hey everyone! December has just arrived, and with it Christmas will arrive very soon and since that means vacation, I'll be able to post a lot once vacations start! I'm planning some cool stuff to do in my twitter account and in my YouTube channel and I'll start with it as soon as I finish my exams :) Also I've started writing a fanfiction and when my vacations start I'll probably start to publish it on wattpad, so stay tuned for that! This is my wattpad user so if you follow me there you'll be able to read it as soon as I publish it:
Okay, now that I've finished saying what might have been boring for you, I'm back with what this blog is mostly about. I decided to write the first post of December about an alternative/acoustic/indie artist, called Joel Poe, also known as Drow Kid.
Joel Poe was born in Cuba, in 1993, the 6th October. He was raised in Madrid, Spain, and then moved to Florida. He learned to play the piano when he was only 5 years old, and was known as a prodigy by the age of 10. Also he was a pupil of Amy Lee, lead singer of Evanescence. 
He has a YouTube channel where he uploads covers and also original songs. Most of the music I listen to is rock, but I love his music. There's a lot of emotion in his music, and it's really beautiful. His piano playing is completely beautiful and so is his singing. 
For you to appreciate the beauty of his music, I'm posting below one of his originals, called "Let It Out", which is definitely worth listening to. The song is about Joel's self harm story and how he was able to put an end to it. It's very inspiring, and the message is really true and, if you're going through some stuff like that, give this song a try, it'll probably help you. I listen to it when I'm feeling down, hope it helps you too <3

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